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Ophelia’s Dolls

“Mama,” she said, quietly. I almost didn’t hear her; my mind had drifted, far away from the seemingly endless stretch of asphalt and sand, away from the hot vinyl seats that stuck and peeled away from my skin every time I moved. Away from my daughter, sitting quietly in the seat beside me, playing on the tablet she’d received for her last birthday.

“What is it, Ophelia?” I asked, glancing over at her. She was all but stabbing at the smudged screen with one delicate finger, her frustration apparent. I saw the familiar bright colors and dark lines of the dollhouse game she was too old to be playing, but I had given up on trying to convince her to find something more age appropriate. Better something too young for her than too old, I supposed. We passed another sign, warning us that we were almost upon Strangetown, and I sighed.

“My doll won’t stop crying.”

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littlenightmares | Ophelia’s Dolls

Apologies to anyone who saw the original version of this post, the cut didn’t work on mobile, and tumblr wouldn’t allow me to edit it on mobile because apparently it was too long. Go figure.

Anyway, please enjoy this long ass text-only creepypasta-esque throwback about Willow and Ophelia Nigmos.

littlenightmares | Ophelia’s Dolls