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Strange Hollow Skies



Written for sufferingforscience, who also kindly provided the concept of Erin being scientifically exploited by Loki.

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Emperor of the Dark, Ch6: Phantoms



Warnings: None

Can also now be found on my livejournal: Part 1 and Part 2.

Edit: 8/9 – Fixed formatting issues, and a bunch of spelling errors.

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Prompt #60: Starvation for penelopethefox




She wasn’t like this when they found her. No matter what they try to tell you, she wasn’t like this when she came here.

She was normal, then. Afraid, and confused, and angry. She’d thrown herself against the gate and sworn to punish them. She’d reached beneath the barrier, touched my hands and promised to save me.

She wasn’t like this, then. A soundless, crawling thing that tore flesh into ragged strips with her teeth, that chewed on bones and licked blood from the floor.

They did this to her.

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