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A Good Boy


Every night for the last ten years, Dirk Dreamer’s dog had stood outside of his bedroom window, barking and howling.


He had buried that same dog nine years earlier, after it tested positive for rabies.


Still Waters

“Come on in,” said Mr. Blue to Angela Pleasant, who didn’t know how to swim.

He splashed the water invitingly; “It’s not very deep,” he lied.

Black Widow


Between the rumors, whispered accusations, and suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of her first and second husbands, the funeral for the late Mortimer Goth was harder than Dina Caliente had anticipated.


However, it was incomparable to the pain she felt upon finding the medications listed on the autopsy reports, hidden in her sister’s purse.

Thinking of You

Lyla Grunt gasped and fumbled with the door knob, desperate to pull the door shut and reinstate the barrier between herself and the activity taking place in the other room, but not before her eldest son caught sight of her.

“Mother,” Tank said, his mouth contorted into a cruel smile as he continued to lazily pump his fist between his legs, “I was just thinking about you.”

The Red Door #1

The Red Door swung open to reveal a long, dark tunnel – a path Lyla Grunt had traveled many times before.

She was less than ten feet inside when the door slammed shut with a thunderous bang, leaving her with nothing but the impenetrable darkness of the tunnel

behind her… and a low, rumbling growl above her.

Mr Blue


As a child, Angela Pleasant’s imaginary friend was a giant blue bunny who kept her company, and always took her side.


As she grew and her belief waned, he had to work faster; her side wasn’t the only thing he’d come to take.

Mama’s Boy

Following his mother’s tragic death, Dirk Dreamer eventually came to accept that he would never see her again.

He was right; she came up from behind.

PT #9

Pollination Technician #9 had spent a lot of time and seen a great many things on the planet known as Earth.

Reviewing the message he’d received from his home planet less than a week ago, the one that bore today’s date, he had only one final, somewhat surprising thought: Good riddance.


The anger Buzz Grunt felt toward aliens had always felt wholly justified, as natural as breathing – and if he were honest with himself, quite enjoyable, too.

It wasn’t until he was lying motionless on the cold steel table, staring up into a canopy of enormous black eyes and tiny disapproving mouths that he realized that that blade might cut both ways.

Olive’s Garden

The first day at her aunt Olive’s house, Ophelia had been afraid; by the last day, she was terrified.

She could see it through the window, dirt and boards and cracks in the glass; Olive’s garden had bloomed.