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Emperor of the Dark, Chapter 7: Noise


Warning: There is some mildly questionable content this time around (nothing visual). If you’re particularly sensitive, you might want to tread lightly.

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Dear Lilith…



Warning: Mild violence and a tiny bit of gore.

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Whisperin’, wonderin’…. wonderin’, whisperin’…

donlilith001A donlilith002A

“I didn’t do it.”

Prompt #46 – Family, for jaydesims

Warning: There is going to be a sudden influx of sim stories over the next couple of days. I began taking story prompts over at tumblr and now I want to collect them over here for the sake of convenience/because this was supposed to be my writing blog. Flee in droves, or don’t.

Originally posted at my tumblr. Pictures are a little sparse because I was posting directly to tumblr, which has a picture limit of 10. Naturally, I realized belatedly that it would make much more sense to post to livejournal and link back. Of course, livejournal then began acting obnoxious, so I guess I’ll just post things wherever accessible¬†until I finally succumb to the urge to buy another domain.



The screaming had stopped a while ago, but her head still aches with it, her thoughts swollen and bruised.

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