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Barefoot in the Dark – Prologue

Fandom: Rule of Rose

Summary: A child goes missing without explanation; Eleanor resolves to find her. Also available at ao3.

It was vicious cold outside on the balcony, but she didn’t mind so much. It was just as vicious cold on the inside where Diana and Meg skulked and slithered; where Miss Martha the cleaning witch scolded and complained; where Mr Hoffman petted and whispered and slipped into the dormitory to watch them undress, insisting that he was simply there to keep them on task.

Hurry up and take off your dress, there’s no time for dawdling. When was the last time you changed your underwear, you dirty little wretch? No mummy and daddy is ever going to want a child who can’t take care of themselves. Give them to me, I’ll take them to the filth room for you…

Where everyone stopped what they were doing to point at her, the new girl, and hiss and snipe to each other as they stared at her with open distrust. The new girl, as if though she’d done it on purpose.

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“Dead? Dead?! It’s dead?”

The girl nodded, as she stood and brushed her hands off on her pants. “Deader than your love life. Except there’s a chance that this one could be revived.”

“You’re telling me we came all the way here just to gawk at a potential zombie tree?”

“I don’t know how such a dedicated killjoy like you manages to make things sound so exciting, but yes, James, we’re here to see the zombie tree.”

First day on the new farm!

Say hello to Dogbane Hollow’s two new, novice farmers: Eleanor and her ever-reluctant older brother, James.

They’re sad because they’ve just seen their house. And their chicken coop. And their barn. And their gross little pond that smells like dead fish.

But it’s all theirs! …Once they finish paying it off to the mayor, that is.

Guess I’ll just remake it.

Monthly Followers Gift

I wanted to do one for a while now, but was kind of lost on what to do. These are adult versions of the children from Rule of Rose, recreated to the best of my ability. They may not be a beautiful butterfly, a gross shitty rabbit, an unmarried mermaid, or a cherished friend, but they’re probably better than nothing. Please don’t punish me with the rat stick I tried I tried so hard

I’ll make the orphanage, Wendy, Amanda, and Jennifer (I hope. Past attempts have not ended well) at some point, too, but let’s start with these four.

Duchess Diana | Baroness Meg | Countess Eleanor | Nurse Clara

The mesh for Eleanor’s hat doesn’t appear to have been included, so download it here if you want it.

Poor Eleanor…

She was burdened by her own frozen heart.