Black River Killer

The Basics

Spooky/spookythings. Forcibly ejected from the womb back in 1984, November 6. Scorpio, but I can’t hold a grudge. Married June 14, 2006. Mother of one since September 2, 2010. Two pugs: Pumpkin and Ruby. Writer? Only in certain timelines.


Still necromancing Rule of Rose, but I have also discovered the true glory of Attack on Titan (or maybe just Levi). And of course, The Sims.

Video Games

Rule of Rose (my one true love), Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren, Resident Evil, Fallout, Bioshock, Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Final Fantasy VIII and X, and Little Nightmares.


Oingo Boingo, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Miss Derringer


Sailor Moon/Crystal, snk/Attack on Titan, Battle Royale


I generally like the majority of the roster, but Kane and Kurt Angle have been my faves since I started watching 2002.

I will cry a thousand tears when they break up New Day.

CM Punk is, was and always will be arrogant, undertalented and overrated garbage. I do love and appreciate his decision to move to UFC, because now he gets the shit beat out of him for real. It is wonderful. A gift.



My shitty tumblr can be found @ thrillkillavenue. My shitty Sims 2 and 4 stories can be found @emperorofthedark. My shitty Rule of Rose fanfics can be found @ ao3 or The Filth Room. The rest of my shitty writing is mostly contained here.