The Sorrowful Wife

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Fandom: Rule of Rose
Pairing: Hoffman/Clara
Summary: Days, and years, and entire lifetimes have passed since Hoffman abandoned his post as the headmaster at the Rose Garden Orphanage, but those little brats are still a constant thorn in his side. But not Clara, his sweet Clara. His refuge, his salvation… his terrible sin. His sorrowful wife.
A/N: This story is part of a 14-part album fic challenge, in which each song from a single album will serve as inspiration for the story. The album I chose is “And No More Shall We Part” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

It has not been easy.

I have not slept well since it happened.

Since I left.

I see it in my dreams, that horrid building. It waits for me, crouched in the corners of my wandering mind, looming in the creases of my eyelids, so that when I lie down at night and close my eyes, it drops heavily into view. I see it plainly, every inch and every detail. The enormous, rusted lock on the gate. The rows of darkened windows punched into the grimy walls. That odd picture they’d drawn of the dog, candy spraying from its screaming mouth.

Stray Dog gives us sweets.

I took Diana by her shoulders and shook her until her head wobbled and her eyes filled with tears. “What is this “stray dog” nonsense?”

Stray Dog kidnaps kids.

“Answer me, damn you!” She cried out when I struck her, but only once. After that, there was only the sharp sound of my hand on her flesh, and the anger in my voice as I demanded an answer that she would not surrender.

The shame bubbles up in me, every memory is a slap to my own face. It is inescapable, what I have done.

Inescapable, yes. The irony of it. I left in the middle of the night like a coward and a monster, but I am still there. I can never go back, but I can never leave.

I am trapped there as surely as they were.

It has not been easy.

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I’ll Protect You, Brown…


So, I am well aware that Rule of Rose is a rarity and goes for well over $100 nowadays, but I just cannot convince my stingy, nostalgic ass to part with one.

Even if I could, I’d want to give it away, not sell it. I fucking love this game and all I want to do is share it with everyone so that we can love it together.

But I guess not really, since I’m hoarding two perfectly good copies. I bought them both when the game first came out, because I was paranoid about losing or breaking one copy and not having a back-up. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to procure a second PS2 for when that inevitably failed, and now, here we are. Two copies of a rare game and no system to play them on, and still I refuse to let go.

They have the booklets and everything. </megaprick>

 Update: I gave my extra copy away. No regrets.