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Let’s pretend that people actually read this blog for a moment.

Now let me direct your attention over to this blog: syndicatelies is a fellow writer and simmer who has allowed me the great honor of editing her new fantasy series, Arina Felae.

I’m going to do a proper review of it later, but for right now, you can catch her first two chapters over at her wordpress.



Desideratum – Chapter 3

I like how John and Natasha are kind of like a gender-flipped Mulder and Scully. I love that you seem to be keeping their relationship platonic, too. I haven’t really explored Desiderata Valley, but I’ve always viewed John and Natasha as being best friends who like to irritate each other moreso than potential romantic partners.

I’m probably just not looking hard enough, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone actually explore Erin’s “psychic” persona, so I’m excited. I can’t wait to see her become more involved with Natasha and John.

I love the story so far. Chapter 4 sounds like it’s going to be amazing, I love when the various neighborhoods mingle.

Jaydesims' TS4 Stories


Chapter 3, one of my favorites! Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

06-24-16_10-04-54 AM.png

There were very few things Natasha would stop halfway through painting to see. A freshly made grilled cheese or John doing something stupid made that list, and seeing one of her old friends from Sim State was another one.

“Erin, you’re here!”

06-24-16_10-01-19 AM.png

“Yup! Thank you so much for inviting me down.” Erin giggled. “I needed a break from the other girls. Sometimes it’s too much living in that house!”

“Well feel free to make yourself at home. Are you hungry? I could make you a grilled cheese.”

06-24-16_10-06-43 AM.png

“Forget that Nat, I want to meet John! Didn’t you say he’s like a secret agent or something like that?” Erin smiled, blushing a bit. She had always had a thing for mysterious men.

“Uh, well, something like that.” Natasha mumbled. She already knew John was going to be mad at her for…

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Chapter 4 – Questions

Jaydesims' TS4 Stories


Note: Man has it been forever lol. With school starting back I’ve had less time for simming, but I’ve tried to find a few moments here and there to play. So, here’s the result! Enjoy. 🙂
08-20-15_11-35 AM-2

“Arrr mateys, we’ve made off with the treasure!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Avast! Captain Lucy? Me and First Mate Buck have found a sea monster up ahead.” Alexander replied. “Firing cannons now!”

08-20-15_11-01 AM

Cassandra smiled as she watched her brother play with the other kids. He had always been very shy, even as a young boy, so she enjoyed seeing him come out of his shell a bit.

08-20-15_11-38 AM

“Hello?” Cassandra answered after picking up the phone.

“Cassandra? It’s me, Vidcund. I’ve been meaning to call you for a couple days but I’ve been a little busy…”

“Oh, no worries. What’s on your mind?”

“It’s about your mother.” Vidcund answered.

08-20-15_11-40 AM-2

“I was gonna wait and tell you at…

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I had a dream, Joe…

I had what can only be described as the stupidest dream imaginable last night.

Basically, I dreamed – at length – of a fucking tumblr gif set of a man unfolding a steel chair in a shabby room of what looked to be an abandoned apartment.

That was it. That was the dream.

A steel chair being eternally unfolded in looping gif form on tumblr.

It had a rip in the seat cushion.