10 Favorite Video Games meme

I must have done something good recently, because I keep getting tagged by all of my faves. This time it was my girl, jaydesims in the library with the revolver over at tumblr with the candlestick for the video games version of this meme.

Rules: Using gifs, and without using titles, list your top ten favorite games of all time. They don’t have to be in any particular order. Tag however many people you like.


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One response to “10 Favorite Video Games meme

  • Amanatia Midnight

    I’m going to do this one later…it’s like 2:34 am and I was a dumbass and had a caramel cappuccino at 11pm :/ learned my lesson there. I reconize Spyro, Final Fantasy, Rule of Rose, Bio shock infinite (burial at sea for that specific gif if memory serves) and Resident Evil Four

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