Favorite TV Shows Meme

I was tagged by dreamybluewhale over at tumblr, but as always, tumblr has decided to screw me, specifically. So here we are, again. Anyway, thank you, dreamybluewhale, for tagging me! I was secretly hoping someone would, and what a wonderful surprise to have it be you.

Rules: Using GIFs, and without using titles, list your top ten favorite TV Shows of all time. They don’t have to be in any particular order. Tag however many people you like.


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One response to “Favorite TV Shows Meme

  • Amanatia Midnight

    pfft…I recognize 8 of these XD. the third gif and the last one are the only shows I haven’t heard about. Unsolved Mysteries, scary stories to tell in the dark, are you afraid of the dark, Bojack Horseman, the X files attack on titan, sailor moon… I’m annoyed that I can’t recall what show the guy covered in teeth is from, but I -want- to say Black Mirror? eh I’m sure you’ll correct me and i’ll feel like a dumbass for not getting it quicker. https://miltiadesshadow.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/favorite-tv-shows-meme/

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