They’re alive, but sometimes I forget…

Mostly I write fan fiction. Mostly for dead or dying Fandoms (my specialty). Mostly I’m okay with it, because fuck it, I write for me and for the experience.

The thing is, I do have some OCs. They’ve been tumbling about in my head in one form or another since I was 15, but I’ve never actually bothered to commit any of their exploits to writing. General laziness along with some weird Gollum-like urge to horde my preciouses.

Either way, it’s been over 15 years and nothing has ever gotten done.

I think the last original character I bothered with was some homicidal psycho named Ginger who had spent most of her life on an extended killing spree. I was around seventeen at the time, so you can imagine just about how delicately I handled the subject matter.

And then this whole post comes undone once I remember Dogbane Hollow, because that one is full of OCs. I just didn’t make them.



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