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I have a twitter, but I hate using it. I don’t really mind the social nature of Tumblr (I don’t know why I don’t mind it and Tumblr stays toxic as shit) but something about twitter makes me uncomfortable. I deliberately forsake hashtags and never mention anything particularly relevant or attention getting that might show up in the tags. My skittishness is unfortunate because a lot of shit I’m going to end up blogging about would be better suited to twitter, both in length and pointless stupidity.

Watching “Love It or List It”. I’m gonna List It.

Kind of want a new theme for this. I might go ahead and renovate it a little bit, even though I’m just gonna buy a new domain in a month or so. Fuckin’ done and done. I don’t even like this new theme, but it’s fine. I’ll live. And if I don’t, then I’ll have the distinct displeasure of being the first person to ever perish over a free wordpress theme. #goals

Anyway, shoved all of my Sims 2 stories onto one page and all of my one and only Sims 4 stories onto one page. I keep thinking I might start another story, but I think we all know that’s a lie. I just don’t like Sims 4, I say as I buy yet another expansion pack. It just doesn’t work for me, I lament as I dump more money into a new stuff pack. I display such a complete lack of basic intelligence and free will that I might as well BE a Sim, I confess to a priest as he silently agrees with me.

I need to take a shower.


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