Rolling in on a burning tire…

I got a couple of hella nice messages on my ROR fanfics a while back that I just found out about. I’ve been itching to write some more ROR fics anyway, but those comments really lit a fire under my ass. So I say. It’s been a good 2 days now and I’ve filled in the title slot.

I have an idea for another Clara-centric one, but my lazy ass is having trouble getting the words out. Typical. It’s not even going to be a long one, but god forbid I get anything done in a timely fashion.

I also randomly reconnected with Brenda the other night and now we’re going back to livejournal, webdesign/blogging, and even DDP Yoga. Gonna tear shit up like we used to do when we were teenagers. Maybe.

SO. Because my husband and I are trying to save money right now (planning on selling our current house and buying a new one, so we need everything we can scrape together for a fat down payment to get a nice house) and because I just dropped almost $90 on DDP Yoga, I need to make damn sure that a new domain is something I can truly commit to. Which means… more idle threats to blog daily. Will I succeed? No. Will I make much of an effort? Not likely. Will I probably buy a domain anyhow? What kind of colossal piece of shit would I be if I didn’t?

But tomorrow is the time for failure. For now, I need to get the dogs outside to pee and then it’s…


Sleep tight.


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