Chapter 4 – Questions

Jaydesims' TS4 Stories


Note: Man has it been forever lol. With school starting back I’ve had less time for simming, but I’ve tried to find a few moments here and there to play. So, here’s the result! Enjoy. 🙂
08-20-15_11-35 AM-2

“Arrr mateys, we’ve made off with the treasure!” Lucy exclaimed.

“Avast! Captain Lucy? Me and First Mate Buck have found a sea monster up ahead.” Alexander replied. “Firing cannons now!”

08-20-15_11-01 AM

Cassandra smiled as she watched her brother play with the other kids. He had always been very shy, even as a young boy, so she enjoyed seeing him come out of his shell a bit.

08-20-15_11-38 AM

“Hello?” Cassandra answered after picking up the phone.

“Cassandra? It’s me, Vidcund. I’ve been meaning to call you for a couple days but I’ve been a little busy…”

“Oh, no worries. What’s on your mind?”

“It’s about your mother.” Vidcund answered.

08-20-15_11-40 AM-2

“I was gonna wait and tell you at…

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