First Draft Hell

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Excerpt from “Pain”:

“Put your hands on him. One on his face – anywhere on his face, that’s fine – and one on his heart.”

Bella did as she was instructed, gently placing one hand directly in the middle of the boy’s sweat-slicked face and the other on his desperate, rabbit heart.

She looked helplessly at Olive, unsure what to do next.

“Concentrate,” Olive said, lowering herself onto a chair across from the bed. “Think of the Pain gathering inside of him, under your hands. Concentrate on absorbing it.”

She imagined the Pain, hot white with rotten, purple-black veins, pooling beneath the skin where her hands rested.

It filled her hands. Hot, burning hot. It spread up into her arms, travelling fast, expanding in her chest like a balloon filled with razors and broken glass. Overfilling, ready to burst. .

It hurt like hell.


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