Adventures in Failure and Regret

Welp. I just realized that I never uploaded the second part of “Mermaids”, so I hunted it down, thinking I’d just do a little edit here and there and we’d be golden.

I was wrong, of course. The second half is such absolute, staggering garbage that I nearly puked on my computer screen as I read through it, vainly searching for anything salvageable.

So. That sucks. Gonna have to rewrite the entire thing from scratch because what I have now is just putrid and unacceptable and I want to go back in time to when I wrote it and just slap myself out of the chair and be like, NO. NO, IT’S BAD. IT’S SO BAD. I HAD TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME JUST TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE SO YOU WOULD STOP WRITING IT, IT WAS THAT BAD.


I suppose it’s all good, though. It’s good that I’ve grown enough to recognize that it’s trash, and I’m kind of excited to rewrite it. But not really. Oh well, it’s good practice. Good, tedious, loathsome practice.



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