I’ll Protect You, Brown…


So, I am well aware that Rule of Rose is a rarity and goes for well over $100 nowadays, but I just cannot convince my stingy, nostalgic ass to part with one.

Even if I could, I’d want to give it away, not sell it. I fucking love this game and all I want to do is share it with everyone so that we can love it together.

But I guess not really, since I’m hoarding two perfectly good copies. I bought them both when the game first came out, because I was paranoid about losing or breaking one copy and not having a back-up. For some reason it didn’t occur to me to procure a second PS2 for when that inevitably failed, and now, here we are. Two copies of a rare game and no system to play them on, and still I refuse to let go.

They have the booklets and everything. </megaprick>

 Update: I gave my extra copy away. No regrets.


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