How do I words

I really kind of want to register another domain. This is the first time in well over 10 years that I’ve gone without one, and while I don’t actually miss any one thing about domain ownership (it’s actually kind of nice not to piss away a monthly fee on a “coming soon” page of lies) I still really miss just having one. Blame it on nostalgia, I guess. Domain ownership lead to some incredible friendships and some absolutely epic enmity, and it’s all gone now. Makes me a little sad to think that I might have permanently ended that chapter of my life, but what can you do.

Anyway, I need to work on Emperor of the Dark. I thought I had chapter 5 written, but somewhere in the editing process, I realized how much I truly hated every paragraph, every sentence, and now I have to start over. Which isn’t even that big of a deal, since I have a bunch of other ideas and a rough outline prepared, I just am not at all inclined to deal with it right now. I’ve temporarily cast it aside in favor of the Final Fantasy X HD remaster for the Playstation 3, and quite frankly I’m much more interested in fighting Dark Bahamut and getting whatever stupid crest or sigil I need for Tidus’s ultimate weapon. At least for right now. I did my usual and went hard for a week and now I’m a little burnt out on FFX, too. Meh.

If I wasn’t so fucking lazy, I’d go get my phone and look up the books I’ve read this week and do some book reviews, but… I am that fucking lazy. The kitchen counter is just so far away on the other side of the table, and me without my telekinesis, so when I say “other side of the table”, I secretly mean “in another country all together”. And you can’t just expect me to get up and walk to another country, that’s unreasonable.

I know I read Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep (good) and Jennifer McMahon’s The Winter People (hopelessly lost somewhere on the other side of “good”) and I’m reading one right now simply titled Haunted House (good so far, but I’m skewing high for violence and gore, because awwww yisssss, violence and gore), but the problem is that I can’t remember the authors. I guess that’ll be something for me to do later.

I might also write. Considering the possibility of some original fiction instead of my usual glut of fan fic for dead and dying fandoms. I have some OCs but I’ve never actually dragged them out of my head and into text, and I’m not sure I’m ready to take that step. Like, it is really fucking dumb, but I am super protective of those assholes, and I just. I don’t know. Just let me kick around in other people’s sandboxes for a while longer.


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