All I have to do is dream.

Had a fairly interesting dream – which, shockingly, I still remember – that I think could make a decent story.

Also working on a couple of sims stories. Very slowly. Very, very slowly.

If only my motivation and ability to craft words into semi-coherent sentences would return home from the war… it’s been such a long time…


Espiritu Estate

Located in Strangetown.

The weak and the wounded.

Rebuilding the hospital.

Free pony rides.

This object took a year off my life.

Bachelor residence.

Childhood home of Bella and Michael Bachelor.

Camp Fire 2018.

First two pictures are of my house and garage, third picture is drone footage of my neighborhood, the rest of them are from the day of the evacuation. We left our house for the last time at 9AM on Thursday, November 8th.

She said she could, Nervous, but thanks to you, now she won’t have to!

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Allegra can’t take you guys anywhere.

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Someone recently busted my balls about how this constitutes “fucking twincest” and I thought they were a little out of line, but now I’m not so sure??

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Allegra Vorey

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